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Announcing our Firm’s New Partner: James L. Hyer, Esq.

Bashian P.C. is pleased to announce that James L. Hyer, Esq., is now a partner of Bashian P.C., joining Gary E. Bashian, Esq., , Esq., who founded the firm.

“James’ experience and expertise handling full-service counsel is unmatched,” said Gary E. Bashian, Esq. “Adding an incredibly talented practitioner, like James, as a partner provides us with a significant advantage in this fast-paced environment.”

Mr. Hyer has worked for years as an Associate at Bashian P.C., successfully assisting clients in a wide range of areas including matrimonial and family court actions, real estate transactions, estate planning, estate and trust litigations, business and commercial law and litigations, personal injury claims, discrimination violations and LGBT issues.

Mr. Hyer has served in a number of leadership roles with outside organizations.

He is actively involved in service organizations which benefit the community, and he frequently organizes service events with the Westchester County Bar Association, such as the most recent Hat, Scarf and Glove Drive for local veterans.

“I’m proud to carry on our firm’s tradition of effective legal assistance and will continue to achieve the best outcomes for my clients. As partner, I plan to further develop the firm’s projects geared towards charitable community projects,” said Mr. Hyer.

James L. Hyer, Esq. (above)
James L. Hyer, Esq. (above)




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