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September 2018 Archives

Recovering from a slip-and-fall injury

Personal injury cases take many forms and sadly, there are many reasons why innocent people continue to have their lives shattered as a result of another person's careless behavior. Some people are hurt in the workplace because of a co-worker's negligence, while others may be injured in traffic crashes or while walking down the street. For example, many people have been injured in slip-and-fall accidents, which occur in restaurants, retail stores, hospitals and many other places in New York on a regular basis. Sadly, many of these accidents were completely preventable and victims should not have been hurt.

What is disability discrimination?

From discrimination involving religious beliefs to unfair treatment over age and gender, there are all sorts of examples of discrimination. That said, employees across New York should bear in mind that other types of discrimination are also against the law. For example, some employers discriminate against protected employees because of their disability and this discrimination can make life incredibly hard for people in this position. Those who experience disability discrimination may face emotional challenges, feeling humiliated or depressed. However, they may also face serious financial hardships and have their entire life shattered as a result of the mistreatment and they should seek justice.

Work-related crashes involving delivery trucks

If your job involves driving a delivery truck, there could be many different hazards that you come across on a regular basis. For example, your job may require that you lift heavy objects, which could be problematic over time (repetitive strain injuries, etc.). Or, you may face other job-related risks, such as the risk of a traffic collision. There are multiple reasons why driving a delivery truck can be particularly dangerous and if you are ever involved in a crash while you are on the job, it is vital to know exactly which options you have.

Speaking out against sexual harassment

From age discrimination to unpaid wages, we have gone over various facets of employment law on this blog. However, there are other examples of the violations of worker rights which are rampant in the workplace, such as sexual harassment. In recent months, this topic has received quite a bit of attention in the media and many people have realized how prevalent sexual harassment is throughout society. Sadly, even though there has been so much attention devoted to sexual harassment it continues to occur in workspaces across New York and it is essential for victims to have the courage to step forward.

Traffic accidents involving a parked vehicle

When people think of traffic accidents involving two or more vehicles, they may picture crashes in which all of the vehicles involved are moving at the time of the collision. However, it is important to remember that some accidents occur while a vehicle is parked, and that these accidents may not only result in significant financial losses but severe injuries and even lost lives. Those who are hit by a driver while in a parked vehicle should respond to the accident appropriately and know what their legal rights are.

Keeping an eye out for erratic drivers

There are many dangers to be mindful of behind the wheel, such as weather conditions turning poor, debris that has fallen onto the road (such as an object that fell out of a truck or a limb that fell from a tree) and many other hazards. Unfortunately, other drivers in New York may also threaten the safety of everyone on the roadway and it is crucial for you to watch out for these types of people while you are driving. Sadly, these reckless drivers have caused so many collisions over the years, claiming the lives of responsible drivers and innocent passengers. While you cannot control their behavior, you can increase your chances of avoiding a crash by being alert.

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