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What does transgender discrimination entail?

Although the world is becoming more inclusive every day, many transgender people in New York face discrimination in multiple areas of their lives. Being able to recognize different types of discrimination is crucial so you can take the proper legal action, whether that involves filing a complaint regarding employment or dealing with claims of unfair housing practices. Justice.org offers the following information so you can be fully aware of your rights.

Employment discrimination

Employment discrimination includes areas such as firings, hirings, failure to promote, demotions, and the creation of a hostile work environment. In most cases, transgender discrimination falls under the sex discrimination category, and there have been multiple cases that use this as a basis to claim unfair treatment to litigants. Local laws can also apply in many instances, but these laws tend to vary quite a bit from state to state.

Housing issues

It’s a basic human right that all people can access safe, affordable housing. This right is established by the Fair Housing Act, which is applied to all types of housing situations, from apartments to nursing homes. Provisions state that all LGBTQ people have equal access to such housing when it receives funding from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Fortunately, most housing is eligible for this type of funding under current laws.

Public accommodations

Public accommodations involve multiple areas, including retail spaces, banks, hairdressers, bakeries, and many others. A person may be barred from entering a space due to their gender identity, or they may be denied a service. While there are no federal laws governing these practices, most states do have legislation in place that prohibits a person from being denied a service on these grounds. 



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