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Innovative company aims to combat age discrimination

When people are looking for a new job in New York, they often have a variety of areas where they have to prove their eligibility and experience. They have to strategize and be concise in relaying the reasons why their competencies would make a difference if they were hired for the position they are applying for. However, they also face the challenge of impressing hiring managers who may have strong opinions about factors like their gender, personal background or age. 

Taking a stand against religious discrimination

There are many examples of unlawful discrimination in the workplace, but some can be particularly upsetting for those who are subjected to mistreatment. For example, someone who experiences discrimination on the basis of their faith may feel very uncomfortable. Some may be afraid to speak out, others may boldly move forward with a complaint. If you have had your rights as an employee violated, please do not be hesitant to stand up for yourself. Employers who discriminate or tolerate discrimination against staff members must be held responsible for their actions. Sadly, this keeps happening in workspaces across New York.

A look at minimum wage violations

The rights of workers are disregarded in many ways, whether someone is subjected to discrimination based on their faith or gender or they are sexually harassed while trying to work. Employee rights violations also include wage violations, from denied overtime and denied breaks to violations related to minimum wage. Unfortunately, many hard-working people have been illegally paid less than minimum wage for their efforts and our law office believes this cannot be tolerated. Too many employers across New York have taken advantage of their workers, who are may already in a vulnerable position, by failing to pay them minimum wage.

Denied overtime and non-payment of wages

As a worker, there are many different challenges that may arise in the workplace. We have discussed discrimination and sexual harassment, which are certainly concerning facets of employment law. However, the rights of workers are violated in many other ways, some of which involve wages. For example, an employee may be denied overtime that they should have received or their employer may fail to pay them the wages that they are owed. We find this especially concerning and believe that employers who violate their workers' rights should be held fully responsible.

Addressing gender discrimination

Employees are treated unfairly in many different ways. Some workers are not paid properly, whether their wages are withheld or they are denied overtime. Moreover, some are subjected to harassment or wrongfully fired. However, discrimination is a particularly concerning problem in the workplace and we have covered some of the different ways in which it occurs (discrimination over age, religious beliefs or a disability). In this post, we will analyze gender discrimination and some of the consequences it may have for workers in White Plains and all over New York.

What is disability discrimination?

From discrimination involving religious beliefs to unfair treatment over age and gender, there are all sorts of examples of discrimination. That said, employees across New York should bear in mind that other types of discrimination are also against the law. For example, some employers discriminate against protected employees because of their disability and this discrimination can make life incredibly hard for people in this position. Those who experience disability discrimination may face emotional challenges, feeling humiliated or depressed. However, they may also face serious financial hardships and have their entire life shattered as a result of the mistreatment and they should seek justice.

Speaking out against sexual harassment

From age discrimination to unpaid wages, we have gone over various facets of employment law on this blog. However, there are other examples of the violations of worker rights which are rampant in the workplace, such as sexual harassment. In recent months, this topic has received quite a bit of attention in the media and many people have realized how prevalent sexual harassment is throughout society. Sadly, even though there has been so much attention devoted to sexual harassment it continues to occur in workspaces across New York and it is essential for victims to have the courage to step forward.

Discrimination due to religious beliefs

On this blog, we have discussed age discrimination and there are other ways in which illegal discrimination occurs in workspaces across the country, such as the mistreatment of workers based on their gender or ethnicity. However, discrimination due to religious beliefs is yet another way in which workers are mistreated and if you have experienced this type of employee rights violation, you should consider your options. Filing a complaint may be the best way to move forward or you may even decide to file suit against your employer (or former employer). Regardless, this behavior must be addressed.

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