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Putting A Stop To Legal Malpractice

When a lawyer fails to properly handle a client’s matter, he or she can cause serious economic damage as a result. Legal malpractice is defined as the failure of an attorney to exercise “reasonable care.” This concerns the failure to exercise skill that an ordinary member of the legal profession would use. In order to succeed in a suit for malpractice, however, a plaintiff must show that but for the attorney’s negligence, the client would have succeeded in the underlying matter, and that there were clear and ascertainable economic damages.

If you have suffered as a result of attorney malpractice, our team is ready to bring its comprehensive familiarity of the law to recover whatever money damages to which you are entitled.

Understanding The Serious Nature Of Legal Malpractice

We at Bashian P.C. know how serious and difficult legal malpractice cases are to prosecute. Our attorneys have significant experience in litigating malpractice claims. We carefully analyze all factual and legal issues, and always put ourselves in our clients’ position so that we can combine our personal attention in an objective way, consistent with the law, to get the best result possible in justifiable cases. Because our team combines litigation experience and understanding of trial procedure together with negotiation skills honed over years of practice, we are able to analyze the legal errors that led to damages and formulate all appropriate theories for recovery, always remembering your unique circumstances.

It is important to realize that legal malpractice claims are governed by a three-year statute of limitations, generally beginning from the moment the legal malpractice occurs. That said, there are exceptions and possible extensions of time if, for example, the attorney conceals the malpractice or there was continuing representation involving the same matter, which is the subject of malpractice.

We are ready to provide the resources of a large firm with the responsiveness and personal touch you might expect only from a very small office. In the event you have been economically damaged from an attorney’s carelessness, we strongly encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible.

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