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What options do I have about dividing the house in a divorce?

You and your spouse have decided it's time to divorce. You've been on friendly terms and agreed on most issues. But when it comes to the house, that could prove a sticking point.

New York properties are valuable, and if you've owned your home for several years the chances are high that you have some substantial equity.

Millennial marriages impacting divorces in New York, elsewhere

Millennials around New York and throughout the United States are changing the standard American ideas about marriage. They are changing conceptions about divorce, too.

What are millennials changing about marriage? Here are four key things:

  1. They are getting married at an older age - an all-time high, in fact. The median age of a first marriage in the nation is now 27 for women and 29 for men, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Millennials are taking more time to choose a partner as well as to become financially stable before they tie the knot.
  2. Millennials don't think they have to plot their lives in the traditional order of marriage, house and baby. In fact, more couples than ever are living together and buying homes together before they get married. Housing prices make buying a property together, and splitting the mortgage and other expenses a necessity in many cases. Home ownership has taken priority over marriage.
  3. Some millennials are deciding not to get married at all, particularly if they are children of divorce themselves.
  4. If they do decide to marry, more millennial couples are entering into prenuptial agreements. In fact, a 2016 survey of attorneys done by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers showed that about half of those attorneys reported an uptick in the number prenups, especially among millennials.

Is the New York housing market on the mend?

As you may now, New York is a highly competitive residential and commercial real estate market.

In spite of this, CNN reports that real estate sales dropped in January.

Some experts believe that the 2018 rise in interest rates are to blame for this.

However, interest rates recently dropped to around 4.31% for the first time in a year, rekindling hope that the real estate market would recover.

Lower rates attract buyers who have been waiting out the market, particularly millennials who may have difficulty paying the higher real estate costs associated with increased interest rates. 

Typically, a decrease in interest rates leads to an increase in real estate transactions, and might make it a good time for you to begin looking - or resume your search - for a home before interest rates go up again.

If a drop in interest rates, or any other factor, has prompted you to pursue a real estate purchase, Bashian P.C. offers a host of real estate transaction legal services - both residential and commercial - and can assist you in what might just be the most important investment of your life.  

What are the most common types of business litigation?

As a business owner, one of your biggest priorities should be to try to avoid disputes, both internally and externally. This can be very challenging because disputes commonly arise in many forms. Employee dispute prevention requires that businesses have strong policies in place to deal with complaints and set expectations regarding conduct. Additionally, disputes with clients or competitors can arise due to miscommunication.

If you want to prevent costly business disputes that lead to litigation, it is important that you take the time to understand the most common reasons why disputes arise in business. By doing so, you will be able to take steps to avoid disputes in the future.

Age discrimination in the workplace

Workers in New York face age discrimination on a regular basis.

In a high-paced business atmosphere driven by technological advancements, there is sometimes a strong employer preference for younger workers who are assumed to be more technologically proficient, adaptive, and better able to keep up with the increasingly difficult demands of management and clients alike.

It is largely for this reason that older workers are afforded increased legal protections to help prevent workplace age discrimination. 

Nevertheless, younger workers can be victims of workplace age discrimination, and are often one of the groups least protected from age biases.

If, as a younger worker, you believe that you have been the victim of workplace age discrimination, Bashian P.C. can help you determine if you have an actionable claim against your employer, and help you to enforce your rights in the event that they have been violated. 

Mistakes couples make when dividing up matrimonial assets

When a Divorce Action is commenced, almost no one looks forward to the dizzying task of dividing up matrimonial assets.

This is especially the case when couples have multiple streams of income and investments, or are at least one partner is high-earning.

In these situations, the division of assets becomes especially complicated. Add children to the mix and the whole thing starts to feel like the equivalent of rocket science.

It is no wonder then that so many people make mistakes along the way, such as overlooking assets.

When couples have been married for a long time, or income is generated from multiple sources, it can be hard to keep track of everything that needs to be divided.

Because of this, when people do not rely on professional guidance something usually falls through the cracks.

Bashian P.C. has ample experience not only handling general Divorce matters, but offers highly skilled legal counsel to high net worth clients that must identify, and divide, significant assets as a consequence of their Divorce. 

What should you know about buying a New York City co-op?

Buying a unit in a co-op is different from buying another type of residential property in New York City. Before you enter into a contract, you should understand what makes this home purchase different.

1. When you buy a co-op, you are buying a share in a corporation that entitles you to live in the unit. When you buy a condo, townhouse or single-family home, you are buying real property.

Avoiding inheritance arguments after losing a parent

Losing a loved one can be one of the most difficult things that you will ever have to go through. If you have lost a parent, it is likely that you are united with your siblings in your grief.

In addition to going through such an emotionally challenging time, you will need to take practical matters into your own hands. Your parent's estate will need to be divided. The way that this happens will be determined by any wills or trusts that your parent set up during their lifetime. Unfortunately, these trying times can lead to conflict among siblings regarding how assets should be dealt with.

The four questions every estate plan should answer

Estate planning is not one of the most pleasant family situations to speak of, but it is crucial to ensure that your wishes are carried out in the way that you envisioned them to be. When drafting your estate plan, you need to make sure that it fully answers the four questions listed below.

Who will make decisions on your behalf?

Employee contracts and the benefits to New York employers

As the owner of a small business in New York, you could benefit from entering into written contracts with some of your employees. But in what way?

One of the key reasons to enter into a contract is that it enables you to retain your best employees for a specified period of time. You can accomplish that by limiting the reasons why an employee may leave your employ.

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