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Expanding our Appellate Practice

To fellow practitioners, past, and potential clients: Bashian P.C., is pleased to announce that as part of our continued efforts to offer the highest quality legal services in the greater Hudson Valley, we are enthusiastically expanding in the area of Appellate Practice. We are currently litigating several matters in the Appellate Division, Second Department; the Appellate Term, Second Department; and have recently applied for leave to appeal to the Court of Appeals, the highest Court in New York State.

For those unfamiliar, the Appellate Courts are those where litigants can contest the rulings of the Surrogate’s, Supreme and lower Courts such as City and Town Courts. Our Appellate expertise allows us to serve our clients and co-counsel well beyond an adverse ruling at any level, be it during the course of litigation, or at trial.

As leaders in our field, we at Bashian P.C., strive to offer the same balance of sophistication and practicality in our Appellate Practice as we employ in the Surrogate’s and Supreme Court litigation for which we are more commonly known. As such, practitioners and clients alike are invited to consider our firm for all of your future Appellate Practice needs.


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