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Bashian P.C. Hosts a Webinar on Successfully Contesting a Will

On October 14, 2015 the Law offices of Bashian P.C. were proud to host a live, 90 minute “webinar” presented by the New York State Bar Association entitled “Winning a Will Contest Using Medical Records to Support Lack of Capacity.” Partners Gary E. Bashian lectured in detail about the nature of Testamentary Capacity under New York law, the use of medical records to establish a Testator’s lack of capacity, and

the evidentiary requirements that must be met in order to ensure that your medical records are admissible upon Summary Judgment, and later, at Trial.Drawing on their decades of courtroom experience, Gary and Irv’s insightful and thought provoking discussion was a near complete review of both the governing law and practical considerations that come into play when dealing with the issue of Testamentary Capacity, and one that you can now view at the New York State Bar Association website by following this link:nysba.org/store/events/registration.aspx?event=0ED71

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