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A brief look at some of the consequences of back child support

When someone is unable to pay child support, the consequences they may face range from having a portion of their tax refund intercepted to arrest. There are all sorts of reasons parents lose their ability to stay caught up, such as being fired or having a health crisis. If you anticipate that health problems or job-related changes lie ahead, it is important to prepare for the possible impact of these matters beforehand. Moreover, you should be aware of some of the challenges that may lie ahead if you fall behind on payments.

There are various financial problems that may come with missing child support payments, such as wage garnishment, the interception of tax refunds, and financial struggles for someone who tries to get caught up after missing many payments. Some parents have to spend time behind bars, while people may experience other complications such as being unable to obtain a passport. Missing child support parents can even make life challenging for custodial parents who may be having a hard time providing their child with necessities and may also negatively impact a child’s life.

Because of these consequences, it is extremely important for parents who owe child support to make their payments. After all, missing even a few payments can make it very difficult for some people to get caught up. From modifying a child support order due to major financial changes in life to establishing a payment plan, different options may be available to parents struggling with making payments on time.

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