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Nausea and the risk of a car wreck

Motor vehicle wrecks have all sorts of causes and drivers should be aware of some of the less common risk factors that are associated with car accidents. While some behaviors such as going over the speed limit or driving under the influence receive a great deal of attention and are widely recognized as dangerous, there are other factors that can lead to a crash even though they may not be as widely known. For example, someone who is feeling very nauseous may be more likely to cause a motor vehicle wreck.

Nausea can occur for all sorts of reasons and it is important for drivers to be aware of anything that could interfere with their abilities behind the wheel. For example, a driver may feel nauseous if they spent the day at a waterpark going down slides repeatedly, consumed bad food at a restaurant or went on many rides at a fair with their child. Many other activities can cause nausea, and someone may not feel good due to medication or a contagious illness, among many other factors.

There are different ways nausea could cause a car crash. First of all, a driver may not be able to pay attention to the road as well because of how they feel, or they could become distracted and divert their attention if they have to vomit. As a result, drivers who feel nauseous should stay off the road if their symptoms might interfere with their ability to drive safe.

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