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Road construction and the risk of an injury

With the arrival of road construction season, many people are worried about how traffic delays could increase stress levels and affect their ability to get to work on time. However, road construction brings other concerns, such as an increased risk of an accident. There are many different ways in which road construction accidents take place and they can be dangerous for construction workers who are holding a sign or walking as well as those riding in vehicles. If you approach a road construction zone, it is crucial to be mindful of the dangers that workers face, and the hazards associated with the site.

In a road construction zone, you could be struck by another vehicle or collide with vehicles because of uncertainty about which lane to drive in, among other factors. Road workers face various threats, from drivers who disregard the speed limit in a work zone to fellow workers who do not pay attention while backing up. Work zone accidents often have serious consequences for everyone involved, from workers, drivers, and passengers who suffer major injuries or lose their lives to the penalties associated with causing an accident in a work zone.

 When you are on the road this summer, you should pay close attention to the dangers in work zones if you encounter road construction. If you have been injured in a work zone crash because of someone else’s negligence, whether you are a road construction worker or were riding in a car when the accident happened, you deserve justice. Our injuries page has more related to work zone accidents.

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