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Using a smartphone and the risk of a crash

All sorts of behaviors can increase the chances that something will go wrong on the road, such as recklessly going over the speed limit or operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. With this said, some people do not realize that seemingly mundane behaviors can also cause an accident by diverting a driver’s attention from their responsibilities behind the wheel. From changing the radio station to holding a discussion with other people in the car, distracted driving is a serious problem. Furthermore, many people are distracted by smartphones, which have contributed to many crashes in recent years.

People use their smartphones for a variety of reasons, such as sending or receiving text messages or emails, watching videos, playing games, talking to another person, recording live video, taking pictures, and listening to music. Sadly, these devices can present a number of distractions that significantly increase the chances of an accident when a driver is not looking at the road or when their mental focus is negatively affected by their phone. Many people use smartphones and tablets and some do not realize how dangerous this behavior can be while controlling a vehicle. Simply taking one’s eyes off of the road for just a few seconds can lead to a fatal accident.

If you were hit by a driver who was distracted, it might be difficult to pinpoint the cause of the accident, unlike alcohol intoxication, for example. However, you deserve a voice and should seek justice. Our injuries page will offer more on motor vehicle collisions.

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