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Depression in the wake of a car collision

Motor vehicle crashes can create many challenges in a victim’s life, some of which are very obvious, such as physical injuries or financial problems stemming from hospital expenses or missing work. However, there are other consequences associated with motor vehicle collisions that can make it incredibly hard for a car accident victim to make it through each day. For example, some people who have been involved in a crash may struggle with depression and other negative emotions, such as anxiety and anger. It is pivotal for car crash victims in this position to handle their emotions properly and it is certainly understandable to have these difficulties.

Depression over a car crash may arise for various reasons. Someone may be sad because their life has changed due to injuries they suffered in a wreck, whether they have to find a new career or are not able to participate in activities they used to enjoy. People may also struggle with depression because they lost a loved one in a motor vehicle wreck and there are a number of reasons why people who are trying to move forward from a crash may struggle with these emotions. There may be a number of strategies to address depression, such as finding healthy activities that reduce negative feelings and reviewing one’s options and even taking legal action against a reckless driver.

Depression and other motor vehicle crash consequences can be tough, but victims should not give up. We cover other issues on this topic on our injury page.

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