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Driving drunk while under-aged

There are many different ways in which drivers put the lives of innocent people at risk, whether they ignore traffic signs or drive too fast when road conditions are poor. However, the use of alcohol and illegal substances is especially concerning and some young people choose to get behind the wheel even though they are impaired due to drinking alcohol. If you were hit by a driver who was intoxicated, regardless of their age, you should examine your possible legal options.

There are many reasons why under-aged people may drive drunk, including peer pressure and not knowing about zero tolerance laws. For example, a teenager who has a very small amount of alcohol in his or her system may be considered over the legal limit because they are not allowed to have any amount of alcohol in their system behind the wheel. Regardless of the reasons why some young people drive drunk, they increase the chances of a crash and the consequences of these wrecks can be staggering.

From devastating injuries to lost lives, under-aged drunk driving has caused an incredible amount of pain and suffering over the years. Raising awareness is very important, but some young people will continue to drink drunk and endanger the lives of innocent people (as well as their own). Moreover, drunk driving is a concern among drivers of all ages.

If you are struggling with the physical, financial or even emotional consequences of a drunk driving crash, you may have a variety of legal options on the table.

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