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Recognizing age discrimination

There are a number of ways in which workers are unlawfully mistreated in the workplace, from wage violations to racial discrimination. However, some people are also subjected to discrimination on the basis of their age. It is important to recognize the different ways that age discrimination manifests in workplaces across the state of New York and you may want to consider taking action if you have been subjected to illegal discrimination. In this blog, we will look into some of the different ways that people are discriminated against due to their age.

For starters, an employee may be fired solely because of how old they are. They may be unfairly told that they are no longer capable of performing their job duties properly, even though they are fully qualified, or they may be fired because they do not “fit in” at work. Either way, this is unacceptable and people who have been subjected to this mistreatment may want to file a complaint or take legal action, in some cases.

Aside from firing employees over their age, this type of discrimination takes other forms. For example, someone may be denied a position that they were fully capable of performing on the basis of their age. Aside from turning down an employee’s application and terminating their position, people may be demoted or required to work less desirable positions. All occurrences of unlawful age discrimination should be addressed and it is essential for employers to take steps to eliminate this unacceptable behavior from the workplace.

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