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Discrimination due to religious beliefs

On this blog, we have discussed age discrimination and there are other ways in which illegal discrimination occurs in workspaces across the country, such as the mistreatment of workers based on their gender or ethnicity. However, discrimination due to religious beliefs is yet another way in which workers are mistreated and if you have experienced this type of employee rights violation, you should consider your options. Filing a complaint may be the best way to move forward or you may even decide to file suit against your employer (or former employer). Regardless, this behavior must be addressed.

People have experienced discrimination over their faith in various ways. As with other types of discrimination, they may be fired due to what they believe in, reassigned to a position that is less favorable or never even hired in the first place solely because of what they believe in. For example, a hiring manager may disregard an applicant’s resume because they were wearing religious clothing during a job interview or because their religious beliefs were apparent in some other manner.

People may also experience discrimination because they are married to someone with a particular religious background. Unfortunately, more and more instances of religious discrimination will take place across the country and it is important for employers to do what they can to eliminate this unlawful behavior. As a victim of religious discrimination, or someone who has witnessed this at work, you may also be able to help prevent future occurrences of this unacceptable behavior.

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