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Reviewing the consequences of pedestrian accidents

Any type of traffic accident can present serious consequences for everyone involved. Some, however, are especially likely to result in the loss of life or a debilitating injury. For example, pedestrians who are hit by reckless drivers have a particularly high chance of being seriously harmed if the driver was traveling at a high rate of speed. Unfortunately, many pedestrians find themselves in this position during the summer when school is out. If you are struggling with the consequences of a pedestrian crash, whether they are physical, emotional or financial, it is vital to know which legal options you may have.

There are many different reasons why pedestrian accidents occur. Sometimes, a driver is distracted due to their smartphone or some other diversion, so they do not see a pedestrian crossing the street or notice that they are veering off of the road. Other serious concerns include drunk driving, speeding and fatigued driving. Regardless of the reason why someone hits a pedestrian, those who are behind the wheel when they should not be and those who fail to drive safely deserve to be held responsible for the consequences they cause.

Our law firm knows that pedestrians who are hit may be struggling with many different challenges. They may be unable to work or participate in activities that they used to enjoy. Depression, financial problems over medical bills and many other hardships are not uncommon, either. Visit our personal injury section to go over more material that is interconnected with pedestrian accidents.

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