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Keeping an eye out for erratic drivers

There are many dangers to be mindful of behind the wheel, such as weather conditions turning poor, debris that has fallen onto the road (such as an object that fell out of a truck or a limb that fell from a tree) and many other hazards. Unfortunately, other drivers in New York may also threaten the safety of everyone on the roadway and it is crucial for you to watch out for these types of people while you are driving. Sadly, these reckless drivers have caused so many collisions over the years, claiming the lives of responsible drivers and innocent passengers. While you cannot control their behavior, you can increase your chances of avoiding a crash by being alert.

A person may drive erratically for many reasons, whether they are drunk, intoxicated due to street drugs or prescription medication, excessively tired, distracted or even angry. You may notice that a driver is behaving erratically behind the wheel, or that they are driving aggressively behind you. You may look ahead and see that a vehicle is heading towards you or you may see that a driver is veering in and out of their lane. It is important to be aware of these types of drivers and do your best to react accordingly.

Sometimes, you may be able to avoid a traffic collision by moving out of an erratic driver’s path, but it is important to be aware of other hazards that may be present (such as trees) and watch out for other vehicles as well. 

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