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Speaking out against sexual harassment

From age discrimination to unpaid wages, we have gone over various facets of employment law on this blog. However, there are other examples of the violations of worker rights which are rampant in the workplace, such as sexual harassment. In recent months, this topic has received quite a bit of attention in the media and many people have realized how prevalent sexual harassment is throughout society. Sadly, even though there has been so much attention devoted to sexual harassment it continues to occur in workspaces across New York and it is essential for victims to have the courage to step forward.

Sexual harassment takes a number of forms and may affect women as well as men. From requesting sexual favors to unwanted sexual advances and physical contact, there are many different examples of sexual harassment, all of which are unacceptable. Unfortunately, some people who have been subjected to sexual harassment choose to remain silent. For example, a victim of this mistreatment may fear that their job will be terminated if they speak out. Or, they may believe that nobody will listen to them and that they will be shamed for stepping forward. If you have experienced sexual harassment or any other violation of your rights at work, you should not stay silent over these concerns.

Filing a complaint may be the right move in some instances, and some victims have filed lawsuits as well. Our page on employment law and discrimination provides more material that has to do with sexual harassment.

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