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What is disability discrimination?

From discrimination involving religious beliefs to unfair treatment over age and gender, there are all sorts of examples of discrimination. That said, employees across New York should bear in mind that other types of discrimination are also against the law. For example, some employers discriminate against protected employees because of their disability and this discrimination can make life incredibly hard for people in this position. Those who experience disability discrimination may face emotional challenges, feeling humiliated or depressed. However, they may also face serious financial hardships and have their entire life shattered as a result of the mistreatment and they should seek justice.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it is against the law for qualified employees to be discriminated against by employers who are covered by the Rehabilitation Act or Americans with Disabilities Act solely because of their disability. Moreover, disability discrimination may also affect a job applicant and it is also illegal for someone to be discriminated against because of a past disability, such as a temporary mental or physical impairment.

As with other types of discrimination, there are all sorts of ways in which disabled workers and job applicants are discriminated against. For example, they may be reassigned to a less desirable job position even though they are fully qualified to perform the more desired position. Or, they may be fired, laid off, paid less or mistreated in another way. Sadly, this discrimination has made life even more difficult for many people and those who have experienced discrimination should speak out.

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