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Work-related crashes involving delivery trucks

If your job involves driving a delivery truck, there could be many different hazards that you come across on a regular basis. For example, your job may require that you lift heavy objects, which could be problematic over time (repetitive strain injuries, etc.). Or, you may face other job-related risks, such as the risk of a traffic collision. There are multiple reasons why driving a delivery truck can be particularly dangerous and if you are ever involved in a crash while you are on the job, it is vital to know exactly which options you have.

For starters, delivery trucks can be very large, making it hard to maneuver in tight spaces. Moreover, other drivers may crash into you due to the size of the vehicle. Some delivery truck drivers suffer from work-related fatigue, which can increase the likelihood of an accident. As with any type of motor vehicle collision, there are many different threats posed by reckless drivers, such as those who operate a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or drivers who go over the speed limit.

A delivery truck accident could result in various hardships. You may be traumatized and not want to return to work following a devastating accident. Or, perhaps you have suffered an injury that will leave you unable to keep working in this particular field, which can lead to financial problems. Some injured delivery truck drivers have been able to recover by applying for workers’ compensation, while others have decided to file suit against a reckless driver.

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