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Addressing gender discrimination

Employees are treated unfairly in many different ways. Some workers are not paid properly, whether their wages are withheld or they are denied overtime. Moreover, some are subjected to harassment or wrongfully fired. However, discrimination is a particularly concerning problem in the workplace and we have covered some of the different ways in which it occurs (discrimination over age, religious beliefs or a disability). In this post, we will analyze gender discrimination and some of the consequences it may have for workers in White Plains and all over New York.

People are discriminated against on the basis of their gender in many ways. For example, someone may be denied a promotion or work-related opportunity solely because of their gender, even though they are fully qualified to handle the responsibilities (if not more qualified than other workers). Someone may be fired because of their gender, or their application for a position may be rejected solely because of their gender. Moreover, some people may be subjected to gender-based harassment, such as rude, persistent and highly offensive remarks which create a hostile working environment.

All occurrences of gender discrimination are completely unacceptable and people who have experienced these forms of mistreatment at work should not think twice about taking action, whether they file a complaint or a lawsuit. Many people realize that discrimination is a serious problem in the U.S., but some are not aware of how prevalent it is in workplaces across the country or choose to deny that it exists within their own company.

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