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Denied overtime and non-payment of wages

As a worker, there are many different challenges that may arise in the workplace. We have discussed discrimination and sexual harassment, which are certainly concerning facets of employment law. However, the rights of workers are violated in many other ways, some of which involve wages. For example, an employee may be denied overtime that they should have received or their employer may fail to pay them the wages that they are owed. We find this especially concerning and believe that employers who violate their workers’ rights should be held fully responsible.

When it comes to denied overtime and the non-payment of wages, every situation is different. Sometimes, an employee may not be aware that they are entitled to overtime pay after working a certain number of hours. In other instances, an employee may be fully aware that their rights are being violated but they may be afraid of harsh consequences for speaking out (this is also against the law). In some cases, a worker may find that their employer has been paying them for fewer hours than they actually worked and the employer may deny this when confronted. Or, an employer may simply refuse to pay an employee altogether.

For hard-working employees, these violations can be especially upsetting. People who devote their time and energy to a company deserve to be treated fairly and paid what they are owed. Visit our employment section to go over other legal issues that are related to denied overtime and other aspects of employment law.

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