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Divorce and character assassination

Ending your marriage could open up a can of worms. For example, you may have stress over a child custody dispute, anxiety about your alimony or child support order or any other number of reasons to worry. Sadly, some people have to deal with character assassination before, during and after the process of divorce. There are multiple reasons why someone may decide to throw their ex-spouse’s good reputation under the bus and it is crucial for you to handle this situation properly if it arises.

Sometimes, people are extremely bitter with their marital partner during the divorce process. For example, they may be hurt by their ex’s decision to split up or by an affair. Revenge is not the only reason why someone intentionally destroys another person’s reputation wrongfully. Some people assassinate their former spouse’s character because they want to gain an advantage during a dispute involving child custody.

You should not allow your former spouse to bully or intimidate you, however. If they have shattered your reputation over false allegations, you should defend your rights and you should not feel trapped in a marriage because of threats or consequences that nobody should have to deal with. We understand how complex each divorce can be and the multitude of emotions that can arise when a marriage is brought to an end. By reviewing your legal options beforehand and knowing exactly which rights you have, a more favorable end result may be within reach and the whole process may be less taxing.

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