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A look at minimum wage violations

The rights of workers are disregarded in many ways, whether someone is subjected to discrimination based on their faith or gender or they are sexually harassed while trying to work. Employee rights violations also include wage violations, from denied overtime and denied breaks to violations related to minimum wage. Unfortunately, many hard-working people have been illegally paid less than minimum wage for their efforts and our law office believes this cannot be tolerated. Too many employers across New York have taken advantage of their workers, who are may already in a vulnerable position, by failing to pay them minimum wage.

Minimum wage violations occur more often in certain fields and they may also affect younger workers who do not know their legal rights or are hesitant to take action when a violation occurs. Someone may be paid less than the minimum wage on a one-off basis, or they may be paid at this rate on an ongoing basis. Either way, it is unacceptable and any worker who becomes aware of these types of violations should immediately consider the options they have.

If you are the parent of a child who is not being paid minimum wage, you should help your child stand up for his or her legal rights and look into the situation right away. Employers have taken advantage of many people by failing to compensate them properly and there is no excuse for this unlawful behavior. Our employment law page offers more material that is connected to minimum wage violations.

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