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Crashes caused by failing to use a roof rack properly

Many different motor vehicle crash causes are overlooked by careless drivers, including some that are not common. Some drivers think that they behave responsibly behind the wheel because they never drive drunk and avoid distractions, such as their phones. However, there are all sorts of behaviors that can result in a devastating collision. For example, someone may not secure an object to their roof rack properly, which could cause it to become undone and lead to a motor vehicle collision.

From surfboards to snowboards, bicycles and various types of equipment, there are many things that drivers try to transport on the roof of their car. This can be convenient and safe when roof racks are used properly. Unfortunately, it can be hazardous when it is not fastened correctly. Some drivers may fail to use their roof racks correctly because they do not have experience fastening objects or they are rushing or careless. In doing so, the item(s) they are trying to transport may fall off of their vehicle and right into the path of a car that is traveling behind them. When this happens, a vehicle may come to an abrupt stop, causing a collision with another car.

When items are not fastened to a roof properly, they can also result in distracted driving. A driver may pay less attention to the road because they are worried about something falling off of their car during the whole drive, or another driver may divert their attention and try to warn the person that they are not using their roof rack properly.

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