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Illegal street races and bicycle accidents

Speeding is responsible for many lost lives and injured victims, and drivers speed for various reasons. Some drivers speed occasionally, when they are running late for work, and barely drive over the speed limit. Others speed on a regular basis and significantly surpass the speed limit in an extremely dangerous manner, such as those who participate in unlawful street races. When people engage in illegal street racing, they place their lives in danger. However, these accidents not only claim the lives of participants, they can also cause innocent bystanders, pedestrians and bicyclists to pass away.

When someone is riding a bicycle, they may be startled by a group of fast-moving cars that are in the middle of an illegal competition. Whether someone is biking to work, riding for exercise or training, this can be very unnerving. Sadly, it can also cause a bicyclist to be struck by a vehicle that is traveling far over the speed limit. When accidents occur at such high speeds, devastating consequences are far more likely.

If you were hit by someone who was illegally racing, you may be very upset and unsure of how you will recover from a devastating injury. You may have also lost a loved one in one of these accidents and you may be angry, hopeless and unsure of how you will ever move forward. If any of these challenges are a part of your life, you need to take action. Filing a lawsuit may help you recover from the accident emotionally and financially.

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