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Dealing with jealousy after divorce

For some couples, jealousy can be a major problem during marriage and prior to a divorce. Someone may be jealous of their spouse for any number of reasons and this can create a rift in the marriage, ultimately causing it to break down. However, jealousy can also arise after a divorce and it can be problematic for people in different ways. Whether you have feelings of jealousy over the outcome of a custody dispute, for example, or your former spouse is very jealous of you, it is important to try to handle this situation appropriately.

People may be jealous of the fact that their ex is able to spend more time with their child. Or, they may have jealousy over financial issues or a former spouse’s new partner. These are all concerns that many people have had to deal with in the wake of a divorce and it is important for you to protect yourself from an emotional point of view when it comes to family law matters. If you find yourself struggling with these feelings, it is important to try to avoid counterproductive feelings and focus on ways you can improve your circumstances.

By carefully planning for a divorce beforehand, some people are able to find a more favorable outcome and lessen or even avoid these types of feelings altogether. Preparation is essential when it comes to the process of divorce and every single couple is in a unique position. Head to our page on family law for more related to preparing for divorce.

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