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Marijuana legalization and the risk of a collision

Some reckless drivers get behind the wheel while they are drunk or under the influence of hard street drugs, putting lives at risk. However, drivers may become inebriated for other reasons as well, such as those who consume certain types of prescription medication or even medical marijuana. Moreover, some states have recently legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and this could increase the probability of an auto crash caused by a driver who is under the influence of this drug. If you were struck by a driver who you believe was using marijuana at the time of the accident, it is pivotal to address this aspect of the crash.

When it comes to marijuana use and driving, this drug can be tricky for a variety of reasons. For example, evidence of the drug may stay in a user’s system for a long time and can be difficult for law enforcement officials to measure. Moreover, some people may be unfamiliar with marijuana, how long the drug will leave them intoxicated and how different strains can be more intoxicating. Some drivers may not even realize that they are still under the influence of marijuana when they get behind the wheel.

Regardless, those who are high after using marijuana pose a serious risk to themselves and others when they drive. Whether marijuana is legal or not, intoxicated drivers should be held answerable for causing an accident. Victims of intoxicated driving accidents suffer in all sorts of ways and they deserve justice for the challenges they have to endure.

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