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Taking a stand against religious discrimination

There are many examples of unlawful discrimination in the workplace, but some can be particularly upsetting for those who are subjected to mistreatment. For example, someone who experiences discrimination on the basis of their faith may feel very uncomfortable. Some may be afraid to speak out, others may boldly move forward with a complaint. If you have had your rights as an employee violated, please do not be hesitant to stand up for yourself. Employers who discriminate or tolerate discrimination against staff members must be held responsible for their actions. Sadly, this keeps happening in workspaces across New York.

Religious discrimination occurs for various reasons, whether someone else in the workplace holds hostility toward a particular belief system or a staff member refuses to do something which goes against the teachings of their religion. It is crucial to remember that this mistreatment may also take place before someone is even hired. In fact, many people have been discriminated against while applying for jobs, having their applications rejected because of their religious beliefs even though they were perfectly qualified for the position. For example, the religious beliefs of some people may be more evident due to the way they dress or some item they were wearing. Moreover, some people may assume someone belongs to a particular religion as a result of their ethnicity.

It can take a great deal of courage to file a complaint and take action after discrimination. However, those who violate the rights of staff members must be held answerable.

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