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How many drivers are apprehended for intoxicated driving?

On a daily basis, people get behind the wheel while they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This can lead to a host of consequences, and many people have their lives permanently shattered as a result of intoxicated driving, even if a crash does not occur. For example, their career may be thrown off-track as a result of DUI charges. Moreover, it is important to understand just how widespread intoxicated driving is and realize that many victims have had their lives upended due to the consequences associated with these charges.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over one million drivers in the U.S. were apprehended for intoxicated driving over the course of 2016. This includes drivers who were operating a vehicle while drunk as well as those who were under the influence of drugs. However, data suggests that intoxicated driving is far more prevalent than this figure could lead one to believe. In fact, the CDC says that there are 111 million self-reported instances of drunk driving by adults every year.

When it comes to intoxicated driving, there are many different factors to take into consideration. For example, if a driver is accused of operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and a crash took place, especially an accident that resulted in devastating injuries or the loss of life, the consequences associated with the situation may be far more severe. Moreover, some victims may find themselves in an especially difficult position due to other issues such as hospital bills and lost wages.

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