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Innovative company aims to combat age discrimination

When people are looking for a new job in New York, they often have a variety of areas where they have to prove their eligibility and experience. They have to strategize and be concise in relaying the reasons why their competencies would make a difference if they were hired for the position they are applying for. However, they also face the challenge of impressing hiring managers who may have strong opinions about factors like their gender, personal background or age.

While discrimination in the workplace is discouraged and punishable by law, it still happens all across the United States. Now, the creator of a new company is aiming to provide aged job seekers with support in acquiring a job, as well as advertising to companies why choosing to hire a more experienced worker could essentially provide invaluable help in their quest to achieve superior organizational objectives. The platform, called Experienced Professionals Agency, hopes to combat unemployment among older workers simply because of their age.

The founder cites intriguing studies that show a strong correlation between how successful a company is in relation to the age of its founder. He hopes that by educating people about the benefits of hiring experienced workers, that modifications can be made to traditional forms of applicant matching to provide more opportunities for older workers and help discover untapped potential in growing companies.

If people have experienced discrimination because of their age, they may benefit from working with an attorney. A legal professional may be able to help them build a case that accurately describes the unfair behavior in a way that gives the victim a shot at being given compensation for the emotional distress their situation has created.

Source: Forbes, “How One Platform Is Helping Companies Overcome Age Discrimination,” Janice Gassam, Feb. 22, 2019

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