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Why you might divorce, or prepare for a divorce, in August

The summer divorce season is just around the corner in New York and throughout the United States.

A University of Washington study presented in 2016 still rings true today: August is a peak month for divorce, joining March as the prime times to end a marriage.

If you you’ve found yourself contemplating a divorce, and need to consult with counsel before moving forward, the matrimonial law team at Bashian P.C. is prepared to answer all of your questions.   


The study identified August and March as prime divorce seasons because the summer and winter holidays — the family times — have passed. Just as divorce rises after Christmas and other family times in the winter, so it does in August, after Independence Day, summer vacations and as families begin to transition back to a more settled school schedule.

But if you’re not ready to divorce in August, it’s time to start planning for it if you’re considering it. That gives you half a year or so to prepare to divorce after the winter holidays.

By laying the foundation in the summer, you can meet with a divorce attorney and financial adviser and also start to let family members know your plans. You also can make sure you have a clear picture of your family’s financial situation – in other words, your assets and your debts.

It’s a perfect time to put together any records you might need, such as bank records, and finalize your support team, whether that means getting together with your best friends or working with a counselor.

If you think you might save your marriage, August also is an ideal month to start counseling that is designed for couples on the verge of divorce. It might not save your marriage, but it could assure you that the decision is right for you.

No matter what time of year that you choose to divorce, it is wise to consult with a divorce attorney well in advance to prepare for the road ahead.

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