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Divorce during the winter months

Soon, winter will arrive, which can bring up a number of considerations related to one’s divorce. Some people may face financial hurdles during the winter because they find themselves out of work, while others struggle with seasonal affective disorder or simply find themselves lacking energy in the winter. In some parts of the country, weather can become very problematic as well, which often makes it difficult to attend court hearings and take care of other responsibilities related to divorce. Those thinking about ending their marriage in the winter should carefully reflect on these issues. 

Some people make the decision to push off their divorce until the spring. They may have more energy, a brighter mood and find themselves in a better financial position to work through their divorce. On the other hand, winter is a great time for others to approach the divorce process. Some people have more free time during this season, whether their kids are in school or their job-related demands have decreased for a while. Moreover, those who are in a very toxic relationship should not postpone their divorce because of the season, especially if they are subjected to intimate partner violence, financial abuse or other serious problems. 

Those considering divorce in the winter need to think about some of the different responsibilities that will arise and it is paramount for people to focus on some of the issues their kids may have to work through during this time of the year. By spending more time preparing in the early stages of the divorce process, a more favorable outcome is often within reach. 

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