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How can I protect my loved ones from an abusive guardianship or caretaker?

Many people in New York work within networks that see to the care of the aging population. Some workers are passionate about their job and provide true care and companionship for their patients. However, others may use their position to prey on the elderly.

An unfortunate fact is that, as you may learn the hard way, loved ones are at risk of being the victims of an abusive guardian or caretaker.

In situations involving abusive guardians or caretakers, injuries may occur, fortunes may disappear, and in the worst cases, there are fatalities.

Notwithstanding these risks, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your loved ones.

Be proactive

Unfortunately, many people wait too long until they consider a guardianship or caretaker. Instead, it is recommended that you work with your loved ones to develop a plan long before you need it. A sound plan includes advanced directives, including appointing a Health Care Proxy and appointing an agent under a Power of Attorney.

Use available resources

There are many resources available to families who want to plan ahead for all possible scenarios. Some good starting points include the American Bar Association, the Center for Elders and the Courts, as well as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Consider alternatives

Many families rush to put family members in nursing homes because they believe they have no choice. Sometimes this is true. Other times, there are some alternatives that may work short term, or even permanently.

For example, many adult children are moving their parents into granny suites and garage apartments on their own property.

Nevertheless, if you have no choice but to consider a guardianship or caretaker arrangement, check in regularly and unexpectedly. This may remind any potential predator that your loved one is watched and that you may appear at any second.

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