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When your spouse wants a divorce in New York

If you are wondering what to do when your spouse in New York wants a divorce, here are some things to consider as things unfold.

If you have children, don’t move out

When divorce is imminent, it is common for one spouse to move out of the family home to avoid the tension that might build up by staying together. But, this could be a mistake if you have children or own the house together. The judge might get the impression that you don’t spend as much time with your children, or it may weaken your claim to the family home.

Don’t allow your spouse to take the children and leave

If your spouse wants to go, let them go but don’t allow him/her to take the kids away. Your spouse has no right to take the children from your home. Letting them leave with the kids will greatly impact your child custody settlement.

Lawyer up

Even though most couples hate to admit it, divorce is more of a battleground. You are fighting for your rights to your property and kids, and everyone is trying to get the most or preserve as much as they can. The process can get ugly and trickier; thus, you need the best legal advice you can get.

Protect your documents

Divorce requires all kinds of records, including diplomas, documents, credit histories, bank statements, life insurance policies, retirement papers, tax returns, title deeds, etc. You need to locate and gather all these documents, make copies, give your spouse the copies and keep the originals in a safe location.

Cancel jointly-owned credit cards

If your spouse goes on an expensive shopping spree that could hurt your finances because you are divorcing, you will equally be responsible for however much they spend. To avoid this risk, meet up with your credit card company and cancel all your jointly owned cards.

Prioritize the kids

Makes decisions that are in the best interest of your children. Divorce is often very difficult on the kids. Being mindful of their emotional and physical needs can help them cope.

Regardless of your circumstances, divorce is never pleasant. But making the right moves can help you prepare and move on positively with your life.

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