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Who pays for private school after a divorce?

When dividing your family’s expenses during divorce, private school tuition will likely loom over your head. If your children attend an elite academy, this fee can cost thousands of dollars per year. This considerable expense could cause fights between you and your spouse about who pays for it.

Tuition agreements are hard to reach. But understanding how you can split the payment will help you achieve a fair arrangement.

Is private school necessary?

Private school is a luxury, and you may object to paying for your children’s tuition. You may hope to pull your children out of private school, but your spouse might object to enrolling them in a public school. If you refuse to pay for tuition on these grounds, your spouse can take you to court to reach an agreement. There, your spouse must argue that private education benefits your children. And they must make the case that public school would harm them.

Is child support a factor?

If you pay your spouse child support every month, you might think it could go toward private school tuition. Yet this depends upon your existing decree. Whether you and your spouse agree upon private school or if a hearing mandates it, the court will help you determine a payment plan. If you must increase your monthly child support payment to factor in tuition, you won’t have to cover the bill alone. Your spouse will foot part in most cases, unless your support is their entire income.

Private education costs cause severe headaches. But you can reduce their burden by considering whether they’re necessary – and splitting the expense with your spouse if they are. Working with a family law professional can help you reach a fair plan if your spouse pressures you to pay the entire bill.

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