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January 2019 Archives

Back pain following a car crash

Motor vehicle accidents can leave victims with a wide variety of serious challenges, whether they face financial problems brought on by medical costs and losing the ability to work or they are seriously hurt and struggle with the consequence of an injury for months (or even years). There are many different ways in which car crash victims are injured, whether a bone is broken, or someone sustains a deep laceration. In this blog post, we will take a look at back pain and some of the different factors that auto accident victims who are experiencing this pain after a crash may want to take into consideration.

Mental trauma and motor vehicle wrecks

Many people look at the consequences of a car accident that are immediately visible, such as the loss of life or a physical injury. While these consequences certainly cannot be ignored, it is very important for motor vehicle accident victims and their loved ones to realize that there may be hidden consequences following such an event. For example, some people may struggle with mental trauma, which could disrupt their life in many different ways.

Working through a child custody dispute

There are many different challenges that can arise during the divorce process, from emotional pain and financial problems to legal stress and missing work to appear in the courtroom. Having said that, legal matters which involve children are often the most difficult aspect of a divorce, especially when a custody dispute surfaces. If you anticipate a heated dispute over child custody or you are already going through this, it is extremely important to protect your interests and make sure that you do all you can to secure an outcome in your child's best interests as well.

Marijuana legalization and the risk of a collision

Some reckless drivers get behind the wheel while they are drunk or under the influence of hard street drugs, putting lives at risk. However, drivers may become inebriated for other reasons as well, such as those who consume certain types of prescription medication or even medical marijuana. Moreover, some states have recently legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and this could increase the probability of an auto crash caused by a driver who is under the influence of this drug. If you were struck by a driver who you believe was using marijuana at the time of the accident, it is pivotal to address this aspect of the crash.

What is the cost of work-related traffic accidents for employers?

When a traffic accident transpires, the consequences of the crash may impact a number of people who were not even involved in the wreck, such as the loved ones of victims. Moreover, an accident that occurs on the job may also affect an employer, for example. As a result, if you run a business and have staff members who regularly find themselves on the road, it is essential for you to focus on road safety and reducing the likelihood of a motor vehicle collision. After all, these crashes can be incredibly costly for business owners and the physical and emotional toll can be staggering as well.

Driving in a different type of vehicle

There are all sorts of things to watch out for on the road, including drivers who are intoxicated because of alcohol or drugs and people who ignore the speed limit. However, some auto accidents are caused by less common factors, such as people who are familiar with a particular type of vehicle. For example, someone may be driving a snow plow for the first time during the winter, increasing the chances of them colliding with another vehicle due to unfamiliarity.

How can you prove undue influence when contesting a will?

In many cases, a beneficiary may remain unaware of what a will entitled them to until after their loved one passed. But, if you feel a loved one’s will is unfair, or left you out completely, questions of undue influence may arise for you and possible other beneficiaries or family members who may also feel excluded.

Taking a stand against religious discrimination

There are many examples of unlawful discrimination in the workplace, but some can be particularly upsetting for those who are subjected to mistreatment. For example, someone who experiences discrimination on the basis of their faith may feel very uncomfortable. Some may be afraid to speak out, others may boldly move forward with a complaint. If you have had your rights as an employee violated, please do not be hesitant to stand up for yourself. Employers who discriminate or tolerate discrimination against staff members must be held responsible for their actions. Sadly, this keeps happening in workspaces across New York.

Dealing with jealousy after divorce

For some couples, jealousy can be a major problem during marriage and prior to a divorce. Someone may be jealous of their spouse for any number of reasons and this can create a rift in the marriage, ultimately causing it to break down. However, jealousy can also arise after a divorce and it can be problematic for people in different ways. Whether you have feelings of jealousy over the outcome of a custody dispute, for example, or your former spouse is very jealous of you, it is important to try to handle this situation appropriately.

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