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The women’s law group mission

We formed the women’s law group at Bashian & Farber, LLP, to provide focused represention for women through many of the injustices they face on a daily basis. Our clients are successful people who want to ensure that they have their interests represented in a fair and open process. We are prepared to negotiate as well as litigate, both in the New York state and the appellate courts.

Our goal is to balance the scales that are, all too often, tipped against women in American workplaces, homes and courts. As such, we have developed a team to handle some of the key areas in which we believe our clients need the highest levels of focus, planning and tenacity to secure the best possible outcome.

We believe that one of the most critical areas for this endeavor is sexual harassment and discrimination. We believe that, by confronting the employment and labor inequities our clients experience through disciplined and tenacious representation, we have a unique opportunity: to set precedents that could strengthen the political, economic and social position of women throughout the state and the nation.

Similarly, we believe there is an opportunity for greater justice in the areas of business law, real estate and wealth management. It is our position that our clients deserve the same consideration as their male counterparts. After all, they contribute just as much — if not more — to the acquisition, administration or general growth of assets and organizations.

We believe that our successful negotiations and the favorable verdicts we secure could have the power to send a message: The law must take women as seriously as it does men. We hope that, as we proceed with our endeavors, we might have the opportunity to foster an environment of fairness and equitability in our companies, our communities and our country. Please read more on our main site.

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