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April 2019 Archives

Situations that can qualify as triggering events

Many New York companies employ a buy-sell agreement to sell a person's ownership share of a business to another partner or to shareholders in the event the owner can no longer function as an active participant in the company. The key to activating a buy-sell action is a triggering event. Any buy-sell agreement should clearly spell out what the company considers to be a triggering event so there is no doubt that the sale of ownership can take place.

Potential complexities of New York real estate transactions

If you want to buy or sell real estate in New York, it may involve complicated negotiations and legal processes. There are unique laws that cover financing, vacant land transactions, land-use approvals, zoning and many other real estate issues. New York contains a diverse mix of real estate, including traditional residences, apartment buildings, farm land, commercial properties and cooperative apartments. Here at Bashian P.C., we have helped many clients successfully navigate New York real estate transactions.

How many kids are killed and hurt in collisions?

Raising a child can be challenging, and there are many risks that kids will face throughout their entire childhood. Sadly, traffic accidents are one of the most common ways in which young children are injured or killed, and these fatalities and injuries occur at an alarming rate. As a parent, it is imperative for you to understand the risks that your child faces on the road and do everything you can to reduce the probability of a collision. Sadly, even if you take every precautionary measure, an accident may still occur and be devastating for your family.

Harper Lee's estate sued by production company

Far too many people in White Plains may view the job of helping to administer an estate as being limited to ensuring that assets are directed to designated beneficiaries. While that may be all that is required of an executor or personal representative in some cases, other times whoever is tasked with fulfilling that role may be called upon again and again to represent the estate's interest. This is especially true for estates that count artistic or intellectual properties amongst their assets. Third parties may seek permission to utilize such assets in the future, and it is the job of the estate executor to ensure that any use is in accordance with the desires conveyed by an estate's testator. 

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