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Brooklyn proceeding with rezoning proposal

The New York Department of City Planning is moving ahead with proposals for the North Brooklyn industrial zone, which involves revising zoning laws for the first time since 1961.

The bottom-line goal of the plan is to bring more jobs into the area. That will be done by changing zoning laws to allow for the creation of taller buildings and reduce parking-space requirements.

Under the North Brooklyn Industry & Innovation Plan, the area would:

  • Strive to support and grow manufacturing/industrial jobs
  • Increase job density in growing fields in the area, such as tech, advertising, media and information
  • Identify potential transportation and infrastructure improvements to spur economic growth
  • Develop a strategy to funnel businesses into certain areas to reduce the potential for conflicts between businesses

The Department of City Planning is proposing to split the areas of East Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick into zones called Core Industrial, Transition and Growth.

Each area will have specific rules and requirements, all aimed at building up the areas to allow job growth and the creation of commercial ventures to support residents in areas where they can both live and work.

The planning department is working with the Department of Buildings to develop a plan to enforce any zoning changes.

Creation of the zoning proposal is expected to be completed this year.

Rezoning is crucial as times change. Cities don’t need empty warehouses or vacant hotels. Instead, they need vibrant industries that support jobs and a way of life. That appears to be what New York City is trying to accomplish in the plan for the Brooklyn borough.

Anyone who wants to open a business in this part of Brooklyn, or anywhere, needs to make sure it is a conforming use for the area. An attorney well versed in real estate laws and usage can help.

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