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Experienced Real Estate Transactions And Land Use Lawyers

Our attorneys have experience handling commercial and residential real estate transactions, having represented buyers, sellers and lenders in hundreds of transactions in the five boroughs of the City of New York and throughout the Hudson Valley metropolitan area in transactions involving vacant land, new construction, single dwellings, multiple-family homes, apartment buildings, cooperative apartments, condominium units, farm land, mixed-use buildings and commercial parcels.

Lawyers Providing Comprehensive And Cost-Effective Real Estate Representation

At Bashian P.C., we offer comprehensive representation to our clients in the areas of real estate transactions and land use. We offer clients assistance with:

  • Residential closings
  • Commercial closings
  • Cooperative (Co-Op) and condominium closings
  • Option agreements
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Refinance
    • Traditional, CEMA — Consolidation and Extension Mortgage Agreements
  • Commercial and residential leases, sublease agreements and assignment and assumption of leases
  • Land use approvals
    • Wetlands
    • Historic preservation
    • Architectural review
    • Zoning and planning
    • Subdivisions
    • Lot line improvements
    • Variances

Legal Representation That Prevents Problems From Arising

For our clients who are purchasing property, we offer guidance in our client’s efforts to engage in due diligence before their purchase. Prior to our client’s completion of the transaction, we review surveys, title reports, property inspections and environmental evaluations — including Phase I and Phase II inspection reports, well water tests, homeowners association materials, and for cooperative apartments the underlying financials of the cooperative corporation, to ensure that our client has been fully informed before making their decision to invest in a property.

For our clients who are selling property, we take every step to artfully draft a contract of sale which will offer our clients the strongest protections available to ensure that the transaction proceeds, while providing our clients with the least amount of potential liability as is possible for post-closing issues in each transaction.

Financing And Refinancing Of Real Estate Transactions

Our attorneys are also knowledgeable about the financing process, which we utilize to protect our clients in every transaction, regardless if we are representing the purchaser or seller, to take every effort that the closing will move forward. When needed, we will assist our clients in navigating through the financing process when dealing with traditional lenders, mortgage brokers, or when seeking to obtain FHA loans, VA loans or to utilize alternative lending mechanisms such as FHA 203K Rehabilitation Loans.

We also assist our clients in the refinancing of their properties, either commercial or residential. We are familiar with conventional refinancing procedures, as well as more intricate methods of refinances such as the use of Consolidation and Extension Mortgage Agreements (CEMAs), which can save our clients thousands of dollars in mortgage taxes when utilized.

Our representation of our clients does not end with their purchase of a property; we further work with our clients in regard to their land use issues and regularly appear before municipal boards pertaining to applications for variances, lot line improvements, subdivisions, and other permitting matters involving specialized municipal boards such as historic review, architectural review and wetlands. In our representation of our clients, our attorneys have successfully advocated in both the State of New York and the State of Connecticut to obtain the desired results to allow our clients to utilize their properties to their fullest extent. We take great pride in our work in this area and are proud to say that our attorneys have been instrumental in the protection of a number of historic landmarks, including the former home of actor Burgess Meredith.

We also assist our clients in the negotiation and drafting of residential and commercial leases, sub-lease agreements, assignment and assumption of leases, cohabitation agreements and option agreements.

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We are familiar with New York City and Westchester County real estate, as well as surrounding communities including the Greenwich and Stamford areas in Connecticut. Whether you require counsel and representation on a real estate transaction, such as a property purchase agreement, or assistance with a real estate litigation matter, you are invited to contact our experienced attorneys for a consultation by calling 914-290-4550.