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Helping Families Protect Their Legacy

Creating and maintaining a legacy takes years of effort and dedication. However, passing on that legacy to loved ones can sometimes lead to conflict. Whether these conflicts arise from fiduciary appointments; alleged fiduciary misconduct; disputes over how an estate is to be divided; what assets should, or should not, be included in the estate; or whether or not an inheritance is to be paid outright or held in trust, numerous factors can lead to estate-related disputes.

Only Litigating Disputes When Necessary

Our firm works to keep clients’ estate disputes out of court. However, we understand that litigation may be their only option in some cases. If litigation becomes necessary, we advocate diligently to obtain not only desired, but efficient resolutions. We know how stressful estate litigation can be. That’s why when clients come to us, we prepare the case with the expectation that it will be taken to trial, while using all available resources to end the matter quickly. While some estate litigation firms like to prolong their time in court, Bashian P.C. won’t continue litigation past what our clients or attorneys deem unnecessary.

Guiding Clients Through Complex Estate Conflicts

At Bashian P.C., our extensive litigation experience in New York and Connecticut Courts, including in the Appellate and Federal Courts, gives us a competitive advantage, as we’ve represented numerous clients with complex estate disputes.

We understand how complicated estate litigation issues can be. That’s why our team of attorneys handles every case with the dedicated care and attention our clients deserve.

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