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We Advocate For Your Loved Ones In Need

Being a guardian can come with significant responsibilities. No person’s needs are the same – especially for those who are physically or mentally incapacitated. When your loved ones can’t provide for themselves, placing them and/or their property under your care can come with unique difficulties.

Such challenges can become especially contentious when siblings, friends and relatives harbor conflicting opinions about what’s best for your loved one.

We understand that settling disagreements about who should be appointed a guardian, or even if someone needs a guardian, can sometimes require litigation. Bashian P.C. has years of experience handling guardianship disputes and we are committed to keeping your loved one’s best interests at heart.

We value and respect your needs as a caregiver, as well as the unique and individual needs of your ward.

A Personalized Approach To Guardianship Litigation

Our attorneys in White Plains and Greenwich have spent years successfully litigating guardianship issues under numerous circumstances.

Our success in the courtroom is rooted in our client-focused approach. We gather all the details surrounding your, and your loved one’s, situation in order to determine how best to advocate for you and your incapacitated loved ones.

Doing this allows us to find both practical and personalized solutions tailored to your unique situation.

Our firm also has experience in guardianship asset litigation. Many clients have relied on our legal advocacy for guardians to use guardian assets for specific purposes, such as certain medical treatments, home purchases and special education support.

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