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Business Law Attorneys In White Plains

Over our firm’s history, we have represented many businesses with gross sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars, as well as partnerships and sole proprietorships such as local and regional small businesses. Our commercial and business law services range from formation and dissolution to business planning and defending liability cases and other litigation. We serve a wide range of clients, including sizable corporations, partnerships, family businesses, not-for-profit companies and charitable foundations. We also provide experienced legal counsel to shareholders and partners who have a minority position, who are not being treated fairly, to fight for their rights in seeking dissolution or to protect majority owners from false or improper claims of wrongdoing by minority shareholders.

We have great experience and success in business sales, recapitalizations, reorganizations, shareholder derivative suits and dissolution litigation.

The Business Law Services We Provide

At Bashian P.C., our business and commercial law services include, but are not limited to:

  • Incorporation
  • Limited liability company startup and LLC formation
  • Partnership agreements, including family limited partnerships (FLPs)
  • Business agreements and litigation, including buy-sell agreements
  • Shareholder agreements and litigation
  • Accounting litigation
  • Non-for-profit corporations
  • Foundation organizations
  • Commercial real estate contracts
  • Real estate transactions and litigation
  • Contract disputes
  • Business planning counsel, including reorganization
  • Business litigation
  • Employment agreements

We also advise our business clients in areas of general business law, operating agreements, grievance, fiduciary responsibilities and compliance with rules and regulations.

When litigation is necessary, our clients benefit from our substantial experience in representing businesses in commercial disputes in state and federal courts.

Experience In Litigating Business Law Matters

Our strength in litigation also contributes greatly to our ability to draft your critical documents so that they stand up to legal challenges. Our attorneys have represented businesses, their officers and shareholders, in the preparation and negotiation of a host of corporate documents and agreements, employment and consultancy agreements, and financing and security agreements.

We have experience litigating the terms of business agreements and dissolution both by statutory dissolution and equitable distribution, as well as derivative actions brought by shareholders on behalf of a corporation. We have represented majority owners of businesses, owners where there is an even 50% split in ownership, and owners of minority interests that are being frozen out by majority shareholders. We have experience in complex litigation involving business entities valued at over $100 million and with dozens of interested parties. In our litigation matters, we regularly work with expert witnesses, valuation experts, accountants, and other consultants as the need arises to advance our litigation strategy and to protect our clients’ interests. We have significant experience representing parties involved in closely held business entities and working with those parties to address their unique legal concerns.

If you are planning to start a business or foundation, or have or want to protect against business litigation, or require contracts and agreements, our litigation experience should reduce the chances of challenges in court. Our attorneys have also served as legal counsel to several not-for-profit entities in providing guidance, assisting them in obtaining tax-exempt status and navigating through other legal issues as they arise.

Business Planning And Reorganization

The attorneys at Bashian P.C. have extensive experience representing businesses of all sizes regarding a wide variety of legal services. We provide advocacy for sole proprietorships, partnerships, family businesses, not-for-profit companies, corporations and charitable foundations.

Our experience representing businesses allows for us to efficiently resolve issues that would otherwise prevent your business from obtaining its goals. Our advice allows for the completion of mergers, acquisitions and business transactions smoothly and in a cost-effective manner. Should business disputes arise, we are prepared to litigate your case in court.

What sets us apart from other law firms is our ability to provide business planning and reorganization services for companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars. We routinely handle complex issues and provide creative solutions.

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