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Upholding Grantors’ And Beneficiaries’ Best Interests

Trusts are a proven method for not only ensuring your long term testamentary wishes are met, but your loved ones are protected after you pass.

However, because trusts can be complex, families sometimes encounter disputes over the particular terms of a trust, or how they are administered over time.

Sometimes Trust Litigation Is Necessary

At Bashian P.C., we make every possible effort to avoid litigation – by focusing on both comprehensive trust drafting, and practical trust administration.

However, we are also prepared when it becomes necessary to engage in trust litigation as we bring years of trial experience to every case we take on, having handled numerous and complex litigated trust litigation matters.

Our experience, knowledge and dedication are how we keep our clients’ best interests at heart. Our team of meticulous attorneys in our Greenwich and White Plains offices will always work diligently with clients and give each of their cases the care and attention they deserve.

A Practical And Tailored Approach To Every Case

No two disputes are ever the same.

When clients have their first consultation, they can expect our attorneys to listen intently and not only gather all the necessary facts and evidence surrounding a case, but to listen to your story – your family’s history – as well. We then apply those facts and evidence to the law, and develop strategies that help clients achieve their ideal outcomes.

Involved In A Trust Dispute? Contact Our Firm Today.

Trust disputes can leave people feeling stressed and uncertain about their future. If you’re involved in a trust litigation dispute, it’s important to have a knowledgeable, diligent and legal-savvy attorney on your side. Schedule a consultation with our firm by calling 914-290-4550 or send us an email.