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February 2019 Archives

Why is estate planning a critical part of your future?

When you have time to think about your future and your desires if you were to pass away today, chances are you have some specific requirements for how you would like things to be handled by remaining family members. While planning your estate in New York may seem trivial if you are young and thriving, the earlier you begin to make arrangements, the more confident and prepared you can be as you age. 

Innovative company aims to combat age discrimination

When people are looking for a new job in New York, they often have a variety of areas where they have to prove their eligibility and experience. They have to strategize and be concise in relaying the reasons why their competencies would make a difference if they were hired for the position they are applying for. However, they also face the challenge of impressing hiring managers who may have strong opinions about factors like their gender, personal background or age. 

Is your parent being chemically restrained in the nursing home?

If your parent is an elderly New Yorker living in a nursing home, you probably worry that the caregivers there are not giving him or her the level of care (s)he needs. Unfortunately, per the results of a Human Rights Watch investigation, you may have more cause for concern than you realize.

Creating an environment in nursing homes that is safe

When families select a nursing home facility in New York to help care for their elderly loved one, they are relying on the staff members to provide unparalleled care that is supported by values like respect, empathy and loyalty. However, there are undoubtedly those establishments that have underlying problems with the quality of their care making the risks of elder abuse much more prevalent. Fortunately, people can watch for warning signs within a facility's environment to identify potential risks that could indicate ongoing issues. 

The women's law group mission

We formed the women's law group at Bashian & Farber, LLP, to provide focused represention for women through many of the injustices they face on a daily basis. Our clients are successful people who want to ensure that they have their interests represented in a fair and open process. We are prepared to negotiate as well as litigate, both in the New York state and the appellate courts.


A 1031 Exchange, otherwise known as a "Like-Kind" Exchange, is a strategy used by successful investors in order to defer capital gain taxes when selling investment property. In 2018, as property prices continue to fluctuate, many investors feel that it is the right time to sell their investment properties in high-priced areas in order to maximize profits while looking for the next big market. However, the one drawback of this strategy is the abundance of capital gains taxes due to the significant rise of real estate prices. This is where the 1031 Exchange becomes an investors ally, and allows the investor to defer any capital gains until much further in the future.

"Vacatur" - Contesting the validity of a Will even after its admission to Probate.

As many clients, or potential clients, may know, it is uncommon for a Court to find that a Will is invalid after it has already been admitted to Probate. However, in limited circumstances, the New York Surrogate's Court has the power and authority to deem a Will that have already been admitted to Probate as invalid, "vacate" its own Decree, and allow a party to contest the Probate of the very Will that the Court had previously determined was proper.

How many drivers are apprehended for intoxicated driving?

On a daily basis, people get behind the wheel while they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This can lead to a host of consequences, and many people have their lives permanently shattered as a result of intoxicated driving, even if a crash does not occur. For example, their career may be thrown off-track as a result of DUI charges. Moreover, it is important to understand just how widespread intoxicated driving is and realize that many victims have had their lives upended due to the consequences associated with these charges.

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