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June 2018 Archives

Making changes to your estate plan after divorce

There are a variety of family law matters that couples encounter when they work through the end of their marriage. For those with children, stress may arise over child support or custody, while those with a high net worth may have an especially complicated divorce due to property division and other financial considerations. However, there are other ways in which filing for divorce can affect one's life as well. For example, those who have an estate plan may find that it is necessary to make changes as a result of their divorce.

A brief look at some of the consequences of back child support

When someone is unable to pay child support, the consequences they may face range from having a portion of their tax refund intercepted to arrest. There are all sorts of reasons parents lose their ability to stay caught up, such as being fired or having a health crisis. If you anticipate that health problems or job-related changes lie ahead, it is important to prepare for the possible impact of these matters beforehand. Moreover, you should be aware of some of the challenges that may lie ahead if you fall behind on payments.

Thinking of a guardianship? Avoid financial exploitation

As an adult child of a parent entering their twilight years, you might be struggling to balance your parent's stridently independent personality with their need for care. Even starting a discussion about nursing homes, in-home care or guardianships can be difficult. What if you finally settle upon a guardianship, only to find it does not meet your loved one's needs? 

Reviewing financial changes associated with divorce

Ending your marriage may give rise to numerous challenges, whether you find yourself in a heated dispute involving the custody of your children or experience emotional pain and anxiety due to living on your own. However, there are other hurdles that may arise with divorce, such as various financial issues. Moreover, there are numerous reasons why some people are also able to look forward to a brighter financial future once their marriage ends. As with all divorce-related topics, it is essential to closely review all options and carefully work through these matters in order to pursue an optimal end result.

Ending your marriage during the summer

There are multiple factors to consider when you are thinking about ending your marriage, such as the way it might impact you financially and how it could affect your kids. For some people, it is especially important to make sure that the divorce process is approached during the right time of year and the summer months are a great time for some couples to bring their marriage to an end. As with all divorce issues, it is important to look at the process from an individualized standpoint and figure out what will work best for you.

Nausea and the risk of a car wreck

Motor vehicle wrecks have all sorts of causes and drivers should be aware of some of the less common risk factors that are associated with car accidents. While some behaviors such as going over the speed limit or driving under the influence receive a great deal of attention and are widely recognized as dangerous, there are other factors that can lead to a crash even though they may not be as widely known. For example, someone who is feeling very nauseous may be more likely to cause a motor vehicle wreck.

Road construction and the risk of an injury

With the arrival of road construction season, many people are worried about how traffic delays could increase stress levels and affect their ability to get to work on time. However, road construction brings other concerns, such as an increased risk of an accident. There are many different ways in which road construction accidents take place and they can be dangerous for construction workers who are holding a sign or walking as well as those riding in vehicles. If you approach a road construction zone, it is crucial to be mindful of the dangers that workers face, and the hazards associated with the site.

Using a smartphone and the risk of a crash

All sorts of behaviors can increase the chances that something will go wrong on the road, such as recklessly going over the speed limit or operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. With this said, some people do not realize that seemingly mundane behaviors can also cause an accident by diverting a driver's attention from their responsibilities behind the wheel. From changing the radio station to holding a discussion with other people in the car, distracted driving is a serious problem. Furthermore, many people are distracted by smartphones, which have contributed to many crashes in recent years.

Why do tipped workers make a lower minimum wage?

If you look at a paycheck of a tipped employee in New York, you would see that their hourly wage is lower than the state's minimum wage of $15. This is because employers of tipped workers are allowed a tip credit which results in less money out of their own pockets. While this practice has been going on for years, the governor of New York is working to get rid of the credit, arguing it results in unfair and unbalanced wage totals as well as discrimination.

How is self-neglect considered elder abuse?

It can be devastating to discover that your elder relative has lost the mental or physical will or capacity to care for themselves, and has been deteriorating in condition without supervision. Yet when an elderly person neglects themselves, this is actually considered a form of elder abuse under New York State law. How, when no one is abusing them but themselves?

Should you have a postnuptial agreement?

Married couples in New York who have a seemingly strong marriage may not think they need an agreement to outline what would happen to their property and other assets in the event of divorce. However, it may be a smart legal move, especially if circumstances have changed. Similar to what would be found in a prenup, a postnup is drafted after the vows have been spoken.

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