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October 2018 Archives

Get that will updated after every life-changing event

You’re all set with your estate plan, having created a will that clearly expresses your wishes on what you want done with your assets after you die. You did your planning and research, and now you and your family will gain some peace of mind. Right? Wait a minute. Your family has grown, and many other things in your life have changed since you had a will created … in 1996.

Divorce and character assassination

Ending your marriage could open up a can of worms. For example, you may have stress over a child custody dispute, anxiety about your alimony or child support order or any other number of reasons to worry. Sadly, some people have to deal with character assassination before, during and after the process of divorce. There are multiple reasons why someone may decide to throw their ex-spouse's good reputation under the bus and it is crucial for you to handle this situation properly if it arises.

Eating food while trying to drive

Operating a vehicle can be especially difficult under certain circumstances, from ice on the road to intoxication. It is also important to think about some of the other behaviors and risk factors that can contribute to a crash. For example, trying to eat food can be dangerous behind the wheel and may lead to a distracted driving accident. There are many different foods that drivers try to consume on the road and some may be more distracting than others. However, anything that diverts a driver's attention is dangerous.

Trusts and beneficiary debts

If you are creating an estate plan so that your loved ones will receive the support they need, you may feel overwhelmed by your options. It is extremely important to set up a plan that will work out best for those you love and be aware of the advantages of each option. If you decide to set up a trust, your loved ones may enjoy a number of benefits in the future. Not only can trusts be helpful when it comes to avoiding probate, but they may be a good option for beneficiaries who are struggling with debts.

Paying child support after losing your job

Our law firm knows that paying child support on time can be especially hard for some people, such as those who do not earn very much money or parents who are struggling with a health problem that drains them of their energy, time and financial resources. For some people, paying child support can be particularly hard due to a completely unexpected and unfortunate change, such as the loss of one's job. If you have recently lost your primary source of income, or expect to be fired or laid off in the coming weeks, it is pivotal to do everything you can to stay current on your child support payments.

Denied overtime and non-payment of wages

As a worker, there are many different challenges that may arise in the workplace. We have discussed discrimination and sexual harassment, which are certainly concerning facets of employment law. However, the rights of workers are violated in many other ways, some of which involve wages. For example, an employee may be denied overtime that they should have received or their employer may fail to pay them the wages that they are owed. We find this especially concerning and believe that employers who violate their workers' rights should be held fully responsible.

Addressing gender discrimination

Employees are treated unfairly in many different ways. Some workers are not paid properly, whether their wages are withheld or they are denied overtime. Moreover, some are subjected to harassment or wrongfully fired. However, discrimination is a particularly concerning problem in the workplace and we have covered some of the different ways in which it occurs (discrimination over age, religious beliefs or a disability). In this post, we will analyze gender discrimination and some of the consequences it may have for workers in White Plains and all over New York.

What are the signs of nursing home abuse or neglect?

If your loved one currently resides in a nursing home in New York, chances are you’re concerned about his or her treatment. While most nursing homes strive to provide residents the best care possible, the sad fact remains that some fall well below acceptable standards. U.S. News & World Report urges families to be aware of the following signs, which indicate that a nursing home is neglectful or even abusive

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