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Compassionate Child Custody Lawyers

As our children are the most important people in our lives, child custody and visitation issues are extremely emotional matters. Determinations made during child custody hearings may impact your ability to interact with your child for many years. It is therefore extremely important to have a lawyer on your side who will make certain your wishes regarding your children receive protection.

The attorneys at Bashian P.C. have the knowledge of family law and the litigation experience to protect your interests and make certain you have the appropriate say in the raising of your child. While we do everything in our power to foster agreement, we are not afraid to try your child custody case in court if necessary to protect your wishes.

Providing Guidance In Child Custody And Visitation Matters

We fight for you when it comes to both legal custody and actual physical custody. By legal custody, we mean your right to make determinations regarding the upbringing of your child, your child’s medical, religious and educational needs, and your child’s special needs. When we say physical custody, we are speaking of your right to have your child live with you following a separation or divorce.

We work with you in meeting your needs and desires concerning your children. Our firm has access to experts who can testify on your behalf, and resources to make certain you can meet the needs of your children. We know how to negotiate with other individuals. We assist with enforcement of orders when the other parent remains uncooperative. When representing you, we explore every option in ensuring you receive fair treatment in the deciding of child custody and visitation determinations.

How To Contact Our New York Child Custody Attorneys

The knowledgeable family law and divorce attorneys at Bashian P.C., will explain the child custody process to you and explain what courts are looking for during proceedings. Please contact our law firm by calling (914) 946-5111 or emailing our office to arrange for a consultation.